Taxi Apps That Take Cash

With the popularity of transportation applications such as Lyft and Uber a number of different taxi companies are coming forward with their own refined applications for transportation as well. Imagine the convenience of being able to take a regular taxi from a specific pickup location, setting a drop off location in knowing exactly what type of fare you will pay.
This is exactly the type of service that Uxur Taxi can deliver all within their application.
By downloading the application you can simply select the area that you are starting from, the drop-off location and then select your payment method for the cost of the trip. There’s no need to sign up with a credit card to install the application either and there is an option to pay drivers by cash rather than have the funds withdrawn directly from your bank account or from a credit card of your choice.
Having the option to pay by cash or other payment options within the taxi app will ensure that your credit card remains secure and that you can more easily split fares amongst multiple passengers and drop-off locations.
Having the ability to know the price you will pay for your final destination from the application can also give you more confidence in booking any type of ride.

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Brass were the best parts about using a taxi application like Uxur taxis that you will never have to worry about issues insert pricing again. Across Orlando Uxur maintains a consistent rate of $1.90 per mile and 60 cents for an idol of 80 seconds at a traffic light or in a parked position. These are some of the cheapest rates for any Orlando taxi rates and services are precalculated within the application so that there are no surprises!
Check out the Uxur Taxi app today and enjoy the utmost inconvenience for transportation in Orlando!

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