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There are more than a few problems in the taxi industry services, more precisely in Orlando Florida and all other cities 100 miles outside the Orlando areas.

Uber gave the industry a wake-up call or at least made the first step.

There are better ways to run a taxi business. What I mean by that, it could be other people that have the concept, but never take that step. So therefore, Uber was the first one.

In certain neighborhood in Orlando, taxis can take hours, sometimes never show up.

Nevertheless, sometimes randomly they are on time. but, life is not random, it is every day so taxi service shuold at 70% of your customers expectation or better.

We do need your help to encourage others to use our service, we’ll better serve the community.

The reality is this, we are one side of the equation, so we need your help to help solving the problem. By using our service to help us grow then we can do a much better job for the community.

We are very small taxi network in Orlando Florida and all the surrounding cities as far as 100 miles away from Orlando.

So if you help us to grow, we can help fixing that problem.

We do understand, we will not win every customers, which is Simply impossible. But for those who will be our customers. We want to serve you in about 20 minutes if live in Orlando Neiborhoods, but not hours or sometimes never show up.

For outside Orlando, the long distance rides as cheapest long distance taxi booking, long distance taxi booking appoinment and much more if you reserve 2 hours in advance and prepaid about 50% of your fare. We will get you pick up on time.

For those who live in Pin Hills Orlando Florida in some cases, we had you picked up in 2, 5, 8 minutes for the most part at least inside 20 minutes.

For those who in downtown Orlando or near that goes for you too.

And also for those who are coming in Orlando and reside in the International Drive Hotels that goes for you too.

Your feedback is very important.

Uxur Taxi

05:13 P. M. Saturday 06.18.2022

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