Cheap Long Distance Taxi In FL

Cheap Long Distance Taxi in FL: Uxur Taxi

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable long distance taxi service in Florida? Look no further than Uxur Taxi. Uxur Taxi is a reputable taxi company that offers cheap long distance transportation in FL. Whether you need to travel within the state or to a neighboring city, Uxur Taxi has got you covered.

Convenient Booking and Competitive Rates

With Uxur Taxi, you can easily book a cab for a long distance fare using their mobile app or online portal 1. The app allows you to pick your start and destination locations and provides you with competitive rates for your travel 1. This means you can get the full cost of your travel before you depart, ensuring transparency and avoiding any hidden costs 1.

Fast and Affordable Service

Uxur Taxi is known for its fast and affordable service. They offer a minimum fare of $15, but they also serve both short and long distance fares. Additionally, they provide flat rates for specific areas outside of Orlando, Florida. Uxur Taxi also offers a luxury long distance taxi service to anywhere you need to go 2.

Reliable and Safe Transportation

Uxur Taxi prioritizes the safety and comfort of their passengers. They have a fleet of taxis that are well-maintained and driven by professional drivers. Their drivers are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for their passengers.


When it comes to finding a cheap long distance taxi service in FL, Uxur Taxi is a top choice. With their convenient booking options, competitive rates, and reliable service, they are committed to providing a positive transportation experience for their customers. Whether you need to travel within Florida or to a neighboring city, Uxur Taxi is here to meet your transportation needs.

So, why wait? Book your long distance taxi with Uxur Taxi today and enjoy a hassle-free journey across Florida!

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