I was a taxi cab driver since 1995 quit for a few years then came back 2013 with different concept.
Our goal is to improve the taxi services for the drivers and customers and this induetry more profitable. Our goal is to serve our customers anywhere in Orlando Florida, our service does not base on bad and good areas. Our goal is to provide a great service to our customers in Orlando Florida anywhere bad or good neighborhood in 20 mn or less. With our gps tracking, customers and drivers signup and our prepaid service. Our customers are already telling, we are the fastest taxi services in Orlando Florida. We are the only prepaid taxi services in Orlando Florida, just for one reason to speed the process.

We are not like those who want their drivers to go out there to give some free rides, get robed and still want their drivers to pay the full price. Uxur Taxi is the tomorrow taxi industry. We are not like those who claim to be the best in town and pick you up in 2 hours sometimes never show up and some of them not even be in your area. Uxur Taxi we guarantee to pick you up in 20 mn or less. Our rates are as $ 1.90 per mile and 60 cents for 80 seconds waiting time