Today Sunday September 2 2018 Time 4:07 PM
Uxur Taxi Terms And Conditions

You must agree to the followings before ordering your taxi ride. And we reserve the right to make any changes if necessary
in the future.
We are not responsible for any one or more of the followings: ordering a regular call for a wheel chair which we can not
accommodate, call multiple companies, customer was waiting too long and more. All prepaid time calls are final, and we do
not have a refund policy!
Before paying for a call, the person who is responsible to place the call needs to make sure everything is accurate
before does so because all the prepaid calls are final, and we do not have a refund policy.
These are the reasons or more all the calls are final: drivers burn their gas, they drive a certain amount of miles, they
pay tolls to get to you, they spend times, they are obligated to wait for you until, and while they are waiting for you
they can not take any other calls and more.