Taxi From International Drive To Port Canaveral

Taxi From International Drive To Port Canaveral
Taxi From International Drive To Port Canaveral

Ways to Transport from International Drive to Port Canaveral

When traveling from International Drive to Port Canaveral, there are several transportation options available. Here are some of the ways you can make the journey:

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  1. Uxur Taxi: Uxur Taxi offers transportation services from Orlando to Port Canaveral. 1. Uxur Taxi offers pickups in all major cities in Florida and can drive you anywhere in the USA 1. They also offer the option to choose the shortest route or request a custom route when making your booking 1. Uxur Taxi provides fast and reliable cheap long distance taxi near me in all major cities 1. Our minimum is $17 for the  first 3 miles and our rate is $3 per mile. 
  2. Uxur Express Shuttle: Uxur Express Shuttle is another reliable option for transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral. They offer shared van rides and luxury sedans from Orlando to Miami Florida or vice versa $95 per person. Uxur Express Shuttle accepts cash and credit card payments 


  3. Shuttle Bus Services: There are shuttle bus services available that provide transportation from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Airport Hotels to the Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal. These shuttle services offer scheduled shared rides and private shuttle rides $45 per person.



  4. Renting a Car: Renting a car is a convenient option if you prefer to have your own transportation. There are car rental companies available in Orlando that offer services to Port Canaveral. This option allows you to have more flexibility and independence during your journey. 
  5. Orlando rent a cars: Budget , Enterprise , Alamo , Avis , and Hertz 
  7. Driving Your Own Car: If you have your own car, you can drive from International Drive to Port Canaveral. The most common route is to take International Drive to 528 East. The distance and time it takes will depend on traffic conditions and the specific location on International Drive. It is about 56 miles and 57 minutes
  8. Public Transportation: Public transportation options, such as buses or trains are not yet an option.
  9. Electric Bike: For those who prefer eco-friendly options, using an electric bike it is about 70 miles using 520 east make sure you have 2 batteries 4 hours each, any ebike will easily goes 20 miles per hour and about 30 minutes break per 2 hours, wear element and make safety your first priority. Plan your trip in day, Orlando Florida day traffic usually from 06:00 A. M. to 09:00 A. M. heavy traffic and 03:00 P. M. to 09:00 P. M.
  11. How much is a taxi from Orlando to Port Canaveral?
  12.  Colonial Dr to the Orlando International Airport, the distance in miles for this trip is about inside 18 miles and 30 minutes drive according to Google Maps using East East West Expressway 408 to South Conway Rd exit, 528 East or Beeline then terminal B and it is estimate about $55
  15. How much does an Uber cost from Orlando to Port Canaveral? Estimate price around $61
  17. How do I get from Port Canaveral to International Drive? If you did use us “Uxur Express Shuttle” just arrange with the driver for a return pickup or if you use another company, the most convenient way is to arrange again with the same driver that dropped you off for a return trip.
  19. Can you Uber to Port Canaveral? Yes if you are in Orlando Florida Uber or Lyft is the most convenient way, but if you want to support us “Uxur Express Shuttle” one day we may be as convenient as Uber.

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