Orlando Vehicle For Hire Driver Permit

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Editor’s note— Chapter fifty five was repealed and changed by way of Ord. of 4-20-1998, Doc. #31157.


Sec. 55.01. – Short Title.
Sections 55.01 thru 55.37 may additionally be referred to as “the City of Orlando Vehicles-for-Hire Ordinance.”

(Ord. of 4-20-1998, Doc. #31157)

Sec. 55.02. – Definitions.
(1)Charter Service skill a:

(a)chauffeur-driven;(b)passenger vehicle;(c)that is pre-arranged and pre-sold, which means: booked prior to the arrival of the passenger at the area of beginning for the automobile trip; via reservations which have been acquired with the aid of email, fax or telephone; which have been made at least 30-minutes in strengthen of the car trip; and are documented in writing; and(d)during which employed duration the driver and car stay below the direct supervision of the hiring celebration and take delivery of no different fares during the hiring period.

(3)Chauffeur-Driven capacity the operation of a Vehicle-for-Hire.(4)Chief of Police potential the Chief of the Orlando Police Department or a duly licensed designee.(5)Compensation ability any fare, reward, tip, gratuity, donation, or different component of fee which a driver or proprietor of a car accepts or receives or presents to take delivery of or acquire in return for furnishing such service.

(6)Continued offerings potential a duration throughout which offerings are furnished with the aid of a Vehicle for Hire driver, at some stage in which the driver and car stay underneath the direct supervision of the hiring celebration and may additionally now not receive any different fares.

(7)Driver ability any man or woman who has been issued a Driver’s Permit pursuant to Part V of this Chapter to function a Vehicle-for-Hire inside the City limits of the City of Orlando.(8)Driver’s Permit skill a allow issued pursuant to this Chapter which entitles a man or woman to force or function a Vehicle-for-Hire inside the jurisdictional limits of the City of Orlando.(9)Green Vehicle means:(a)a passenger car as described in this chapter;

(b)that is licensed by way of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be an Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV) or a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV); and(c)complies with the minimal gas financial system requirements set forth in Title 23 of the U.S. Code, area 166(f)(3)(B)..

(10)Limousine capacity a:(a)chauffeur-driven;(b)passenger vehicle; and(c)built or modified-for-the-purpose as a limousine.(11)Livery car skill a:(a)chauffeur driven; and(b)passenger automobile seating a minimal of five

(5) men and women which include the driver.(12)Low-speed automobile ability a four-wheeled electric powered car whose pinnacle pace is increased than twenty (20) miles per hour however no longer higher than twenty-five (25) miles per hour, such as nearby electric powered automobiles as described by using § 320.01, Florida Statutes.

(13)Luxury Passenger Vehicle capability a:(a)chauffeur-driven;(b)passenger automobile diagnosed by way of the enterprise as a widespread luxurious passenger vehicle, together with old or traditional passenger vehicles; and(c)seating a most of eight (8) which include the driver.

(14)Luxury/Custom Van capacity a:(a)chauffeur-driven;(b)full-sized, personalized (not assembly-line produced) van kind passenger vehicle; and(c)outfitted with luxurious amenities, as diagnosed via the industry.(15)Meter or Taxicab Meter skill any mechanical, digital or digital machine which serves to display the distance, time, and mileage to decide the fare to be charged a passenger of a Vehicle-for-Hire.(16)Minority and Women-Owned Business

Enterprise (M/WBE) Block Lottery ability that technique used for the choice of candidates for the distribution of one 20 allow block of new M/WBE Taxicab Vehicle Permits to a M/WBE to be decided in accordance with the pointers installed pursuant to Articles II and III Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise, Chapter fifty seven of the Code of the City of Orlando with the aid of in particular incorporating with the aid of reference the provisions of Sections 57.

15(1) & (2), 57.22(1), 57.28, 57.29(1-3) of Chapter fifty seven in general, and as they are relevant to the Vehicle-for-Hire enabling desires as set forth herein.(17)Motor Vehicle skill a car that is motorized or self-propelled via energy different than muscular energy or via animals. The time period does no longer consist of traction engines, street rollers, bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles.

(18)New Entrant skill any individual that has complied with the minimal software necessities and the minimal entry stage requirements as set forth in this Chapter, and when relevant the Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise certification necessities as set forth in Chapter 57, however who awaits the effects of the excellent Lottery in order to reap the Taxicab Vehicle Permit.

(19)New Entrant and Current Taxicab Permit Holder Lottery skill that approach used for the decision of candidates for the distribution of new or extra Taxicab Vehicle Permits to New Entrants and Current Taxicab Permit Holders, to consist of M/WBE and non-M/WBE Operators and New Entrants.

(20)Operate or Operation potential presenting or providing to grant Vehicle-for-Hire Services by using the (i) Driver or (ii) Vehicle Permit-Holder.(21)Passenger Vehicle capacity a motor automobile used for the transportation of persons, however does now not consist of any automobile operated through a Transportation Network Company.

(22)Prearranged Transportation capacity for employ offerings booked prior to the arrival of the passenger at the area of foundation for the automobile trip, via reservations which have been obtained through email, fax or telephone, web or different digital means.

(23)Prior Calendar Period or Prior Period capacity span of time from the ultimate calendar 12 months (January 1 to December 31) in which new Taxicab Vehicle Permits have been issued thru the calendar 12 months straight away previous the modern calendar year.

(24)Public Necessity and Convenience Formula or Formula skill the system used, at annual review, to decide the minimal wide variety of new Taxicab Vehicle Permits to be licensed via the City, for functions of presenting for public necessity and convenience.

(25)Residential shuttle ability a:(a)low-speed vehicle;(b)that is chauffeur-driven;(c)for which no direct compensation is charged to the passengers;(d)with a most capability of six (6) folks together with the driver;(e)for which transport is prearranged or organized thru a 1/3 party; and(f)is owned or operated by means of a residential property with fifty (50) or greater residential units.

(26)Scheduled capability the transportation of individuals on pre-determined factors of origin, destination, or schedules of service.(27)Scheduled Service skill working on a time agenda and/or a constant route.(28)Shuttle Service potential a chauffeur-driven passenger car imparting scheduled Vehicle-for-Hire service.

(29)Statistical Metropolitan Area (SMA) potential all of the land region inside Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola Counties.(30)Taxicab capacity a chauffeur-driven passenger car transporting people no longer on everyday schedules with the routes traveled or the vacation spot decided through the passengers.

(31)Taxicab Permit-Holder potential any man or woman that has complied with the minimal software requirements, and the relevant entry degree requirements or necessities as set forth in this Chapter, has been issued a Taxicab Vehicle Permit(s), and operates a Taxicab in carrier pursuant to the Vehicle Permit, as prescribed with the aid of this Chapter.(32)Transportation Engineer skill the Transportation Engineer for the City of Orlando, or a duly licensed designee.

(33)Tri-County Area capability all of the land place inside Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties.(34)Transportation Network Company or TNC ability an entity working in Florida pursuant to § 627.748, Florida Statutes, the use of a digital community to join a rider to a TNC driver, who affords prearranged rides.(35)Van skill a passenger automobile with a minimal potential of seven individuals and a most ability of fifteen (15) persons, consisting of the driver.

(36)Vehicle-for-Hire ability any passenger vehicle, barring a automobile operated by way of a Transportation Network Company, engaged in the transportation of humans from or absolutely inside the municipal limits of Orlando with the intent to get hold of direct or oblique compensation for presenting such transportation, inclusive of vendors which solely take delivery of gratuities or tips.

(37)Vehicle-for-Hire Administrator ability the man or woman who has been designated, or his or her designee, to administer, enforce, alter and interpret the provisions of this chapter.(38)Vehicle Permit skill the allow issued pursuant to this Chapter which delivers the privilege to function one Vehicle-for-Hire inside the jurisdictional limits or upon the public roadways of the City of Orlando.

(39)Vehicle Permit-Holder capacity any man or woman who holds a Vehicle Permit(s) for the operation of any class of Vehicle-for-Hire inside the jurisdictional limits of or upon the public roadways of the City of Orlando.

For functions of interpretation inside this Chapter, the time period Vehicle Permit-Holder consists of any agent, worker or any man or woman performing with the Vehicle Permit-Holder’s knowledge, consent or permission, whether or not categorical or implied.

The time period Vehicle Permit-Holder additionally consists of a Taxicab Permit-Holder, as described above.
(Ord. of 4-20-1998, Doc. #31157; Ord. of 11-1-1999, § 1, Doc. #32438; Ord. of 12-6-1999, § 1, Doc. #32482; Ord. of 1-11-2007, § 2, Doc. #0701111008; Ord. of 12-14-2009, § 1, Doc. #0912141105; Ord. No. 2013-6, § 1, 2-4-2013, Doc. #1302041203; Ord. No. 2014-64, § 1, 12-15-2014, Doc. #1412151203; Ord. No. 2017-29, § 1, 6-19-2017, Doc. #1706191203; Ord. No. 2021-35 , § 1, 5-17-2021, Doc. #2105171207)

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