orlando taxi ratesOrlando Taxi Rates

Uxur Taxi is the best 24-hour taxi in Orlando expressing the cheapest taxi rates. Not only can you get 1.80 per mile but the meter adjusts to just $.60 for an 80 seconds of waiting time. This type of metering allows us to provide some of the cheapest Orlando taxi rates for taxis throughout Orlando and the surrounding area. While other taxi services are commonly bogged down in busy with tourists, our large fleet of vehicles allows us to service the needs of all of our customers with extra ease.
We have heard regular complaints about other taxi companies from our customers taking hours to potentially pick them up at popular locations like Walt Disney World or potentially refusing to show up at large tourist attractions. Our company is timely, and we will provide realistic estimates for pickup and drop-off times throughout Orlando. With our skilled drivers and Uxur Taxi services that are dedicated to timely results you can always get access to a cab when you need it.
Uxur has a 20 min. guarantee. Once you place the call, you can plan on having a cab driver available to you within 20 min. or we will provide you with a huge discount on your fair. Our 20 min. wait time guarantee ensures that you can plan for the fastest transportation across Orlando through our Company.
As well as timely service and reasonable rates, our staff members are known for their professionalism. Uxur taxi drivers are extremely knowledgeable about the area and we know some of the best routes to take. Navigating some of the busiest areas of Orlando can usually be difficult but with our expert help you can always arrive in the fastest possible time.
Contact the dispatchers at Uxur cab today and we can provide you with quick, reasonable and convenient transportation across the greater Orlando area. Uxur taxi is providing hte cheapest orlando taxi rates in Orlando and all the surround areas.