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Who can put on a Pixiu bracelet
Who can put on a Pixiu Bracelet and How to put on them.
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Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet – How to and Who can put on a Pixiu Bracelet
Hello friend, So lower back in January, I shared with you about my Feng Shui black obsidian wealth bracelet. I talked about the faith that it can convey you correct fortune and wealth. I received so many questions about: How and Who can put on a Pixiu bracelet. Now, be mindful mine has double Pixiu dragons. And of course, most human beings say to put on a Pixiu bracelet with the dragon dealing with away from your face or whatever. And to put on it on the left had…

I have carried out a lot of lookup and determined to share it with you in this article.

So, welcome back. We talked about how to put on the Pixiu bracelet in the January article, however I will discuss about it again. Because the questions preserve pouring in and I had to shut remarks on that post.

Disclaimer: What I share in this article is for records and amusement functions only. It is now not intended to substitute the efforts of working for your wealth or fortune. And any hyperlinks in this article factor to unbiased agents of Pixiu bracelets. So if you buy a Pixiu bracelet you will have to refer any query on exceptional to the seller.

Also, Understand that in lifestyles we get hold of what we BELIEVE in and Focus our Emotions and ACTIONS on.

So if you trust that sporting any earrings along with a Pixiu bracelet brings you suitable success and protects you from harm. Then you will appeal to that sort of strength to you.

Obviously, most of the inquiries we bought in the ultimate article are from human beings who “Believe in the magic of the Pixiu dragon“.

And if you agree with in the strength of Pixiu, this article is for you. The query is, who can put on a Pixiu bracelet? Considering it is each an auspicious and mysterious creature?

According to Oriental Chinese tradition, the Pixiu Dragon is succesful of:

1. Drawing cash and Wealth to the person in manage of it. It is additionally believed that the Pixiu excellent match is for the character who desires to enhance their fortune and health!

So it is stated to be specifically accurate businessmen/women, who might also hold wealth and make greater cash through taking gain of the pixie energy.

2. On the different cease of the spectrum, it is stated that additionally the Pixiu dragon electricity is exact for college students above the age of 16yrs considering that it can bless them to develop up healthful and wealthy!

Who needs to enhance their fortune and health?
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3. It’s believed that the Pixiu dragon bracelet ought to no longer be worn via humans who conflict with tai sui in a exact year.

For example: In 12 months 2020, its is stated that human beings who are born in the 12 months of the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep and Rooster Fan Tai Sui (clash with Tai Sui who is the legendary God in cost of people’s fortune). Source – Chinese Astrology.

According to the above source, if a person’s, zodiac signal takes place to conflict with Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter, or grand commander of the yr in a precise year, it brings them misfortune.

So go test and verify your yr and make certain that you don’t go through the “bad luck” that 12 months brings if you purchase and put on a Pixiu bracelet.

Apparently, you ought to go through the equal zodiacal war and see unstable fortune in the course of the year.

4. Who else can put on a Pixiu bracelet?

Anyone from the age of sixteen – sixty five can put on a Pixiu dragon bracelet.

BUT, the following human beings may rethink that desire of spirit animal on your jewelry:

If you are pregnant.
Are you below sixteen years old?
If you are above the age of 65.
Anyone with underlying scientific challenges that have weakened your chi.
You asking why?

It is believed that the Pixiu Dragon power may also be too sturdy for younger people, pregnant women, aged people, and every body with fitness challenges whose bodily and non secular power may additionally be overpowered through the Pixiu. This skill you would no longer be in manage of the strength of the talisman.

Now, the subsequent query that many are asking and filling our inbox is:

How to Wear a Pixiu Dragon Bracelet

  1. Which hand to wear a Pixiu bracelet, left or proper hand?

As I said, mine is double Pixiu dragons obsidian bracelet so I can put on it on any hand. I put on it on the Left hand though. Always.

Generally, Pixiu bracelets are made of a range of substances and are regularly worn on the left hand, barring these made of obsidian. WHY?

Because indispensable strength goes into the human physique from the left and out from the right.


Who can put on a Pixiu bracelet?

Vital power goes into the human physique from the left and out from the right.
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That said, barring the Pixiu dragon, Obsidian is a extraordinary fabric that can be worn on both left or proper hand.

  1. Do no longer disclose it to others if you put on it as a necklace with two Pixius.

When carrying a Pixiu dragon bracelet make certain its head is outward to draw cash from all Directions.

So, how do you inform the outward and the inward?

Well, the thumb route is inward, whilst the little pinkie finger is outward. So, if you put on the bracelet on your left hand, make sure the Pixiu head factors to the left, which is then outward.

  1. Pixiu pendants for the necklace.

I notion to quickly mention; for these who have Pixiu dragon pendants, make certain its head is upward i.e. closer to your face.

This is interestingly to entice greater prosperity and absorbing the essence of heaven and earth Pixiu. It is believed that the son of the dragon king walked in the clouds and may want to now not head downward.

if you put on it otherwise, it can also no longer be as effective.

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Obsidian Pixiu Dragon Pendant

  1. Touch your Pixiu Dragon/s frequently.
    Before and at some stage in carrying it. This is to let it be aware of you are, the master. It is believed that the Pixiu dragon is one of the spirit animals. It will obey you in each way and aid you as lengthy as you take precise care of it.

Then, day-to-day touch/stroke it from head to tail. It is stated that the Pixiu is a wee bit lazy and likes to sleep.

Therefore, when you stroke it from head to toe, you wake it and with any luck appeal to the wealth you seek.

  1. Wear it longer for the first time,

Do now not put on your bracelet or pendant for a brief time when you first get it. This is so that the Pixiu feels and is aware how you feel. For instance, if you want to appeal to wealth and solely put on it occasionally, it will be estranged and much less effective.

  1. Protect the “eyes” of your Pixiu dragon if it’s made from crystal as adverse to metal. You don’t prefer them to crack, nor have to you contact them aggressively. This is due to the fact the eyes are stated to be for looking treasure. While the mouth is for taking money.

If you contact its eyes and mouth accidentally, simply wash it with easy water and let it sit down in the solar for a bit.

Do no longer permit others to contact your Pixiu bracelet or necklace pendant. If it is touched by using any person else, once more cleanse it with water.

  1. Avoid Contamination of your Pixiu dragon.

Do no longer expose it to chemicals. The dragon is normally lined with gold or has some variety of steel and publicity to chemical compounds should destroy the finish. Also, the frequent substances of Pixiu are commonly gold, silver, obsidian, jade, which if uncovered to chemicals, will be damaged.

Apparently, blood contaminates the pixui dragon. It’s stated that the dragon’s money, attracting powers are negated by using blood. If it is uncovered to blood through accident, smooth with water asap and dry it in the sun.

Also do now not put on it whilst bathing or making love! Here is my theory, most Pixiu dragons have some kind of gold coating, and if you bathe with your bracelet, the gold will put on off fast.

The other aspect of the coin is; making love can get frisky and you damage the string that holds your bracelet or necklace and it would be a ache getting that fixed.

According to Oriental way of life though, Pixiu is incompatible with dirt. So, take it off and go away it in the residing room when bathing, or going to mattress for anything reason! down, whilst bathing or making love range eleven do now not be uncovered to chemicals.

Now this one is kinda greater superstition than whatever else. Apparently, do no longer consume chili, whilst carrying your Pixiu!

It is believed that chili can damage your success in attracting wealth and money.

It is believed that ingesting chili whilst sporting the Pixiu can spoil your success in attracting wealth and money.
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  1. Can You put on a Pixiu dragon bracelet or necklace with different jewelry?
    Based on our research, the Pixiu can be worn with different jewelry. However, it is advocated that you do now not combine it with too many different gemstones or they may be broken from unintentional rubbing.

And now this is a query many have been asking over and over through email…

  1. How to Keep your Pixiu Bracelet/Pendant.

When you take off your bracelet or necklace for any reason, do now not simply randomly throw it on a desk or bed. See, phase of the bracelet is crystal and therefore can without problems damage if dealt with roughly.

Mind you it is notion that IF Your Pixiu breaks, it has included you, it has warded off evil. More on this later

You may additionally gently region it as you wish, and there are no restrictions. Do now not put it in your bedroom, if you are going to bed, for you can also now not have a excellent night’s sleep.

Overnight or for doing chores, it is suggested to region it on the southeast nook of your dwelling room with the dragon head/s going through a window or door to appeal to proper fortune.

But, if for instance, you want to shop it for a duration of time, save it in a crimson rings bag or field in your dresser or draw.

  1. How to Cleanse the pixie dragon bracelet.

As is with any different rings if you put on your bracelet or necklace for a while, it will draw some dirt.

You want to cleanse it asap in easy water. If you can get rainwater or Water from a Well. That is even better. If you get sunshine the place you live, let it take a seat on a easy region underneath the solar for at least 30 mins. Other humans let it take a seat on a windowsill in a single day for the moon to cleanse the Pixiu.

  1. What if Your Pixiu Breaks?

As noted before, it is believed that if your Pixiu dragon breaks, it potential it has assisted you to ward off misfortune, disease, or evil spirits!

Apparently, the spirit in the Pixiu is familiar with how you, its grasp is feeling and can foresee what you may also encounter. Once it perceives a misfortune, it will react rapidly to ward off the misfortune by way of breaking.

Therefore, if that takes place it ability your Pixiu has warded off the misfortune, which is its specific job.

The damaged dragon is no longer spiritually beneficial for you. So you wrap it in a crimson material and bury it. Placing it again to nature is the proper element to do. So don’t overthink it.

And, if you prefer any other one, really buy any other Pixiu bracelet right here and you comprehend how to deal with it, right?

Journey Without Limits by using Julie Sylvia Kalungi

Who can Wear a Pixiu Bracelet – Final Word
I consider this used to be complete and all Questions answered. For you that want to get the fundamentals on whether or not sporting Obsidian Pixiu bracelets brings you desirable fortune, Learn extra in this article here.

And that’s it if you located it useful, then share on Social media, Give us a thumbs up on the proper facet and Share your journey below.

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