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Welcome to our blog post about Uxur Express Shuttle, a group shuttle service that provides transportation from Orlando to Miami and vice versa. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using Uxur Express Shuttle, compare it with other transportation options, and provide information about the cost and travel time. Whether you’re planning a trip from Orlando to Miami or vice versa, Uxur Express Shuttle can be a convenient and reliable choice for your transportation needs.

Uxur Express Shuttle: A Convenient Group Shuttle Service

Uxur Express Shuttle offers a convenient and hassle-free transportation option for travelers looking to commute between Orlando and Miami. With Uxur Express Shuttle, you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free journey while leaving the driving to the professionals. Here are some key features of Uxur Express Shuttle:

  • Door-to-door service: Uxur Express Shuttle provides door-to-door service, meaning they can pick you up from your desired location in Orlando or Miami, whether it’s an airport, hotel, or any other address 1.
  • Flexible pick-up locations: Uxur Express Shuttle offers pick-up options from various locations, including Orlando airport hotels, Orlando International Drive, Orlando Disney World resorts, and more.
  • Affordable rates: Uxur Express Shuttle aims to provide affordable rates for their services, making it a cost-effective option compared to other transportation methods.
  • Group travel: Uxur Express Shuttle specializes in group travel, making it an ideal choice for families, friends, or colleagues traveling together.

Comparing Uxur Express Shuttle with Other Transportation Options

When planning your trip from Orlando to Miami or vice versa, it’s essential to consider different transportation options. Here’s a comparison between Uxur Express Shuttle and other commonly used methods:

  • Taxi: Taking a taxi from Miami to Orlando or vice versa can be an option, but it can be quite expensive. The cost of a taxi ride can vary depending on factors such as distance, traffic, and additional fees 2.
  • Train: Currently, there is no direct train service from Orlando to Miami. However, there are train services available from Miami to other destinations. It’s important to check the train schedules and availability for your specific travel needs.
  • Private car service: Private car services offer the flexibility of door-to-door transportation, similar to Uxur Express Shuttle. However, the cost of private car services may vary depending on the provider and the distance of the journey 3.
  • Bus: Bus services, such as FlixBus, Jet Set Express, and Greyhound US, also provide transportation between Miami and Orlando. These services offer affordable fares and various departure times, making them a viable option for travelers.

Cost and Travel Time

The cost and travel time of using Uxur Express Shuttle can vary depending on factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and the specific pick-up and drop-off locations. It’s always recommended to check with Uxur Express Shuttle for the most up-to-date information regarding fares and travel times. However, here are some general insights:

  • The fastest shuttle from Miami Airport to Orlando, FL, offered by FlixBus, takes approximately 3 hours and 55 minutes and costs $22.99 for a bus ticket 2.
  • Jet Set Express offers a bus route from Orlando, FL, to Miami Airport, with the cheapest price starting at $23.00. The fastest bus on this route takes approximately 4 hours and 35 minutes 4.
  • Uxur Express Shuttle provides affordable rates for their services, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable journey from Orlando to Miami or vice versa 5.


Uxur Express Shuttle offers a convenient and reliable group shuttle service for travelers commuting between Orlando and Miami. With door-to-door service, flexible pick-up locations, and affordable rates, Uxur Express Shuttle provides a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. When planning your trip, consider the various transportation options available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, Uxur Express Shuttle can be an excellent choice for your transportation needs. Book your ride now and enjoy a hassle-free journey with Uxur Express Shuttle!

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