“Cash Cab” host Ben Bailey is used to the cabbie way of life by using now. Photo Credit: Jordan J. Mallari
There’s a feel of exclusivity that comes with understanding you’re having a disco minutiae birthday party in a taxi whilst the relaxation of the metropolis is in the center of the workday.

It starts offevolved out with the attention that you’ve simply entered a cab trip that would possibly depart you richer. Then come the glares, stares and pointed fingers as your fellow New Yorkers commence to understand the face at the back of the driver’s seat and spot the rainbow lights flickering thru the van’s tinted windows.

“They do that often,” Ben Bailey, host of “Cash Cab,” says after riding previous a string of pissed off faces and briefcase-carrying commuters with their fingers caught out excessive in traffic. “People see a cab and sense like it’s theirs.”

The “Cash Cab” host is frequently diagnosed by using New Yorkers. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier
Bailey used to be cruising round the Upper East Side alongside Second Avenue in the signature “Cash Cab” taxi this month to promote the 2d season of the rebooted Discovery sport show, out Friday. The collection videos at quite a number places all through the city, although midtown can frequently be noticed as the backdrop via the cab’s windshield.

“It’s funny, human beings assume that there’s extraordinary human beings in one of a kind neighborhoods. They’re New Yorkers everywhere,” Bailey says at the back of the wheel. “So they’re like, ‘oh, if we get caught (on a question), we’re no longer gonna ask humans in this local for help, these humans won’t know, however the contestant didn’t understand either!”

After eight seasons as a comedian-turned-cab driver, Bailey is blissful at the back of the wheel as he navigates Manhattan visitors unexpectedly alongside fellow cabbies — even with the five-year break. “Cash Cab” aired its unique seven seasons from 2006 to 2012 and its first revived season ultimate December.

Bailey is a licensed cabdriver who obtained his certification for the series. The auto itself is a actual cab that simply so occurs to double as a TV set prop.

The important distinction between Bailey’s journey and a actual cab — apart from a rainbow headliner, enthusiastic driver and free fare — is the van’s lack of spaciousness due to sound and lighting fixtures equipment. It is a cell tv set, after all.

“Cash Cab” returns to Discovery this July. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier
“I select up whoever, however if they have luggage, a suitcase and stuff I won’t select them up due to the fact I recognize they won’t be in a position to play, they have a aircraft or a teach to catch,” Bailey says. Storage area is most in all likelihood additionally an issue.

Naturally, Bailey has encountered simply about some thing and the whole thing you can think about — and extra — when it comes to taking New Yorkers the place they want to go.

“We’ve had a lot of bizarre passengers. I imply it’s New York City,” he laughs. “We had a man in a rabbit suit. This massive man got here in sporting a rabbit go well with from head to toe. Refused to play, saved calling me toddler and in the end he simply obtained out.”

The host can rattle off a range of questionable, hilarious and impolite experiences with NYC passengers over the years, however says his comedic heritage helps him brush off the negative.

“A thick pores and skin helps. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for 20 years and if some thing offers you a thick skin, that does so that helps,” he explains. “I can variety of roll with it when humans are now not very great … or simply weird.”

At this point, Bailey is used to sitting at the back of the wheel and maneuvering site visitors whilst analyzing out trivialities questions (fed to him thru an audio piece for safety). And whilst New Yorkers may also scout out the well-known cab, many passengers and avenue shout-out helpers nevertheless shy away from the hazard to win large bucks.

“Just due to the fact they understand it’s the show, doesn’t suggest they’re going to come and help,” he says. “I suppose they’re afraid of searching stupid.”

A concern of searching dull is understandable. There’s a warmth like you’ve in no way felt earlier than sitting in Bailey’s warm seat.

“Cash Cab” will return to Discovery in time for Shark Week, on Friday at 7 p.m.

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