best questions to ask a taxi driver

Best questions to ask a taxi driver:
If you are in need of transportation across some of the busiest locations in Florida you may want to consider working with a local taxi company. Ordering a taxi as your transportation method of choice could be a great way that you can get around while also learning more about the local area.
Here are some of the best questions to ask a taxi driver in your area:
What are some good restaurants?
The drivers at Uxur taxi have been operating in this area for many years, as a result they are quite well versed in the best restaurants of the area. Uxur taxi drivers can teach you about all of the latest hot restaurants in the area and some of the best spots for whatever you are craving. Whether you are looking for a nice café or a romantic dinner, we can answer your questions and take you there.
Can I arrange pickup?
Arranging pickup is one of the best questions to ask a taxi driver. Asking for a pickup in Florida could help to make sure you can get to any location on time before the lines. Arranging a pickup is a great question to ask if you need a pickup from the airport or any other location.
What can you tell me about the city?
Learning more about your location and the city itself can be eye opening from a taxi driver. Our drivers are individuals who are always out on the streets. They know the communities like nobody else does. This remains one of the best questions to ask a taxi driver, especially if you would like to know more about the area.
How has your day been/ what events are happening today?
Asking about the events that are happening during the day can be an eye opening way to inject yourself into the local culture. If you want to go to a local festival or enjoy a specialty event in the area that is popular, this is a great question to ask.
Keep some of these great questions in mind the next time you are taking a taxi with Uxur taxi, you never know what you could learn from our knowledgeable drivers